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Welcome and thanks for visiting the site of Jerry Hughes, independent musician, theater artist, hurdy-gurdy player and mastermind behind Momus's Glass, the obscure neo/post progressive rock band. If I had to describe my work in one word it would be: gallimaufric.

New Ballads of the Bonus Army

Part folk music, part theater piece, this album evokes the spirit and struggle of those WWI vets who came to Washington during the Depression to rally for a bonus they were promised but had not been paid. With a spare arrangement of acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, mandolin, and concertina, these songs are by turns funny, heartfelt, bitter and celebratory. New Ballads of the Bonus Army puts you in the middle of a less remembered but truly momentous series of events which set the stage for so many subsequent demonstrations in the Capitol.

Available now for digital download only at BANDCAMP!

Bonus Army album cover
 1.  Prologue: The World As It Is
 2.  Over There
 3.  A Bill Becomes a Law / On To Washington
 4.  Son of a Bum
 5.  Come to the Camp
 6.  The Flag
 7.  Brothers In Arms
 8.  Washington Burns
 9.  Ballad of the Lucky Ones
 10. Next Year